The Old Bancroftians' Educational Development Fund (OBEDF) is a charitable trust dedicated to providing assistance to current and former Bancroftians to further their education and development in cases where other source of funding are not available or sufficient. Activities funded include school sport and study tours, postgraduate courses and professional qualifications. Our Facebook page includes announcements for our recent awards and shows the activities and people who have benefited from the Fund recently.

The fund is administered by a committee comprising Old Bancroftians from a range of backgrounds and ages together with a nominee from the school. More information on the working of the fund can be found on the About Us page.  

Although the fund is a separate legal entity, it receives generous support from the Bancroft's community, without which it could not operate effectively. Old Bancroftians are the source of almost all donations and comprise the majority of the Committee and Trustees of the Fund, the Worshipful Company of Drapers provides meeting facilities for the Fund, and the school itself provides extensive support (for example, by hosting this website). The Committee members and others involved with the fund are volunteers who claim no travel or incidental expenses. As a result of this support network, 100% of all donations benefit those supported by the Fund.